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As a Choice Hotels® Qualified Vendor, we’re pleased to offer a selection of Choice Hotels® Approved Guest Room and Public Space artwork for your Rise & Shine package Comfort® hotel. 

This convenient website is designed to make purchasing artwork quick and easy! 

Simply select the artwork you need from your pre-selected color scheme and order online.

Need some extra guidance?  No problem- we’ve assigned a dedicated project manager for our Rise & Shine customers!  We understand how exciting and sometimes overwhelming buying artwork can be.  We’re here to make the process of getting new art simple and enjoyable. 


Scott Schilling, Managing Director
859-331-1066 x 1

Fabrics, Colors, and Art Images for Interior Design Package


Three distinct color schemes are available for Rise & Shine. These schemes are: City, Sun, Sea.

Since this color scheme will be used throughout your property in the paint colors, fabrics, and furnishings it's important that you select a color scheme before you buy artwork.

All art must be selected from the same artwork package as your chosen color scheme. For example: if you have chosen "City Scheme" for your property color scheme, all artwork must be selected from the City Scheme Artwork package.

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About Us

Artwork is designed and produced by Design Décor Art Group, a Choice Hotels® Qualified Vendor.

We supply high quality artwork and bathroom mirrors approved by Choice Hotels® and built to meet or exceed Choice Hotels® specifications.  All items are warranted against any material or workmanship defects.

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